Why Upgrade to LED Downlights

 LED Downlights cut down your electricity bills. LED’s convert approximately 90% of the electricity they consume into light. Conversely, incandescent lights use only 10–15% of electricity to generate light, with the rest of the electricity effectively wasted in lost heat. LED downlights, for example, draw only 4-10 Watts of electricity to emit light, compared to 50 Watts drawn by a traditional halogen downlight. That is a saving in electricity consumption of 80-90% thus making the switch to LED a no brainer when the cost of electricity is continually rising.
 Safer lighting option. LED’s downlights reach safe temperatures of up to 50°C. Halogen lamps reach dangerous temperatures of >370°C which can lead to house fires.
 Greater choice of colour; warm white, cool white, daylight.​
 Low maintenance. LED downlights last about 15-20 times longer than traditional lights. Halogens have a lifespan of 2,000–3,000 hrs compared to LEDs 45,000–55,000 hrs.
 Superior robustness means LED downlights are shock resistant and less fragile than traditional globes.
 LED downlights are high quality and achieve full brightness in microseconds.
 LED downlights reduce the power of your cooling system in summer.
 LED downlights are eco-friendly and mercury free, eradicating the health and environmental issues associated with the traces of mercury found in various lamps available on the market.